In just over a week, I'll be stepping on a plane to paradise. Rainbows paint the sky over the volcanoes nearly every morning, I am told, and the stories of the ancient land seep up out of the ground and into the walls of the buildings and the skin of the people and fall like leaves from the trees. There is music there, and dancing, and stories everywhere, and really, really good coffee. Birdie will be flying again.

But that's not the adventure that's been on my mind lately. The one I've been pondering is calmer; more mundane; more concerned with the small quiet details of life. This adventure consists of every part of the planning behind the grander dream of swanning off on international travels, and I'm more proud of that than the terrifying bite-the-bullet moment of buying the ticket.

This time around, I'm not just vacationing. I'm changing locations, certainly, and will be thrilled to wake up every morning in a fantastically beautiful foreign country with one of my dearest friends in the world, but I'm also going to be working. I'm bringing with me two different professional editing projects, along with some volunteer editing of students' papers I'm doing for a old beloved professor, finishing up the service requirements for my diploma. I've also arranged to sell my car (Lucille, the dear old ball-and-chain) before I leave, thereby getting rid of yet another tie to one physical location. I've been able to take real action towards the dream of a life on the road - working for real location-independent income and finding ways to remotely deal with the few issues still keeping me in one place.

This is the real reason I'm so excited about this trip: it's not just a brief interlude from the mundanities of a "normal" life, but a trial run of the utterly abnormal life I'm building for myself. I'm looking forward to doing it wrong and making mistakes, and figuring out what to do differently next time to make this impossible dream of a lifestyle of travel a solid and daily reality.

And that's a hell of an adventure all by itself.