I started taking ballet classes when I was six years old, and continued until I was 14. I can't do full splits now (although I'm close to regaining them), but a few other points have stuck with me—in particular, my feet are relatively flexible and strong, and I am super awesome at counting by eights.

When you're learning steps or choreography to music, one method is to count along by measures, based on the time signature of the piece. For example, a waltz would be counted "ONE-two-three, TWO-two-three, THREE-two-three, FOUR-two-three...." What I mostly heard (and said, over and over and over), though, was "ONE-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight, TWO-two-three..." and you get the picture. As a result I am practically incapable of, say, traversing the flight of stairs in a typical two-story house and counting to 15, because it's one full eight-count and then a seven, and also because I have a literal degree in Nerd.

Anyways. Eights are ok. Thanks to the decimal system there's a thought that Top-N lists often have to have ten elements, for whatever reason, but I like 23 just fine. So eight posts is a pretty good starting run for the loosely kept Project Thing-A-Day, I'd say. Maybe I'll do more later, and aim to get them out on a more appropriate schedule.

Now it's just writing.