project thing-a-day: 2. the spilled coffee

It's happened a half-dozen times this week alone. I'll be making a cup of pourover coffee in the cute little cherry-red apparatus you see pictured above. »

project thing-a-day: 1. the pig

I could see that he was tense. Years of martial arts training have taught my eye and attention to hone in on tight muscles and torqued »

project thing-a-day: 0

I've wasted a lot of time "trying" to start writing regularly in this blog. I'll have an idea for a post and sit down with a »

turn your radio on

After you read what I'm about to tell you, please don't think I'm crazy. (that'll make one of us) Sometimes I think the radio is talking »


I buried my face in my hands and shook with the effort of not bursting into noisy tears. Biff had just shown me an enormous Christmas »