Still being updated, and will continue to be so, probably literally until I'm getting onto the plane. And yes, I'll probably end up wearing most of the clothes instead of packing them.

Because I'm brilliant, I'm most likely going to safety-pin my daypack onto the side of the laptop case, since that dimension's allowed to be up to 12", and it's currently about 4". The only real reason for needing that extra space is that I'm delivering my hosts's lovely new dancing shoes - which are very much non-squishable - to her so that she doesn't have to pay for the extra shipping.

To cut down on items, I'm following the 20/20 rule for anything that adds noticeable bulk - namely, clothes. It's easy as pie (I am told) to find a suitable skirt or dress for dancing and music gigs in a local clothing or thrift shop. Examples of items that are slightly more non-negotiable: electronics (although only because I will be working remotely) and shoes that align with my exacting specifications, as well as a bathing suit: although they're relatively cheap, it can be pretty hard to find one that fits me correctly.

Update: After a discussion with September on how ridiculously easy it is to find clothes, I'm cutting nearly all of the packed wearables.

on my body

outfit for plane

  • jeans
  • white tee shirt
  • blue oxford shirt
  • large golden scarf
  • grey wool jacket
  • thick merino socks
  • leather boots, with freshly-applied coats of neatsfoot oil and leather balm
  • unmentionables (not pictured)
  • wishbone necklace

in my pockets

stuff in pockets

  • passport
  • boarding passes (not pictured)
  • wallet containing ID and cash
  • phone (not pictured - it's taking the photo!)
  • phone charger
  • battery-charging mobile powerstation
  • contact case, solution, and a spare pair
  • travel toothbrush, paste, and floss
  • lip balm
  • mini notebook and pen
  • tissues (moved from packed toiletries)
  • earplugs (moved from 'other' items)

in my bag



writing, reading, and sketching

writing implements


packed clothes

  • oatmeal tee shirt (???)
  • blue tank top
  • black jersey skirt
  • exercise shorts
  • sports bra
  • thin long johns
  • thin merino socks (not shown because I was wearing them)
  • compression shorts (for extra coverage under skirts)
  • bathing suit
  • two pairs of extra unmentionables (not shown)
  • ~~squishable sneakers ~~


I'm lucky (and/or lazy) enough not to require too many beauty products. My hair is very short and I don't often wear makeup (although I am bringing more than I typically wear, since I'll be playing more music gigs than normal), so I generally just rinse all non-stinky areas with warm water instead of using shampoo or face wash. The soap doubles as laundry detergent, too.

  • two more spare pairs of contacts
  • magic bar soap
  • microfiber towel
  • deodorant
  • Gold Bond powder
  • tiny makeup pouch - face lotion, concealer, pressed powder, mini powder brush, eyeshadow, eyeshadow brush, and mascara
  • anti-malarial meds (not shown)
  • tissues (moved to pockets)

other items

  • reusable grocery bag that can be stuffed into its attached pouch
  • pocket-size Spanish dictionary downloading a dictionary/phrasebook app instead
  • safety pins
  • earplugs (moved to pockets)
  • extra bootlaces
  • shoe wax
  • daypack
  • the prettiest umbrella
  • mini flashlight
  • gorgeous bright red dancing shoes for September, my dear host (I volunteered to bring them along, and ohhh god I hope they fit in the bag!)



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