project thing-a-day: 7. slice of life

Yesterday I wrote about two sentences, and didn't post them. Obviously. On Sunday I didn't write a single goddamn word. About 40% of my brain would »

project thing-a-day: 6. some six-word stories

I remembered that a thing is just a thing and it doesn't have to be a cohesive story every time, just as sporadic and speckled a »

project thing-a-day: 5. it's still my face goddamnit

Whenever I tell people what I'm about to tell you, dear figmentary Reader, they almost invariably have the same few emotions flicker across their face in »

project thing-a-day: 4. the possible difference

The gates are still stuck. I'm exhausted. Every night I'm waking up every hour or less, peering blearily at the clock, then slipping immediately back into »

project thing-a-day: 3. the gates

"...[W]riting every day is easy enough." Except when it's not. "...[A]ll you need to do is open the floodgates and pour words on the »