those old cold summer blues

The apartment where I am staying is bright and clean. The corners of the room are as crisp as hospital beds, and the light—still »


In previous travels, I've had the tendency to plan everything out ahead of time—staying in X hostel for Y days, then taking Z train »

i don't fall in love

There was a time when I didn't fall in love. I wasn't a complete robot - I understood the concept well enough. More than that, I'd »

project thing-a-day is on hiatus now because i like the number eight.

I started taking ballet classes when I was six years old, and continued until I was 14. I can't do full splits now (although I'm close »

project thing-a-day: 8. cake

I think it's been three days now since I started meditating again for the first time in about two months, and boy is my brain tired. »