That's what this blog is supposed to be all about, right?

Of course right.

The difficulty begins, however, in one's particular definition of that word.

When I have been staying in one place for some time, I absolutely adore the time spent reacquainting myself with dear old friends -- supper parties and long walks and late nights sitting on the floor talking and talking and talking. I love making kefir and bone broth and other culinary niceties that require too much attention and equipment to keep up with while travelling. I know that, although it's not foremost now, the ability to welcome people into a space that is entirely mine to offer, to light candles and slice apples and pour wine and tea and nourish is massively important, and will eventually play a very large role in the way I organise my life.

But it's difficult for me to shift and expand my personal definition of the word "adventure" to include those times. They are warm, bright little nuggets of past and future memory, but they feel unrelentingly smaller than the literal travels. Even surrounded by new and old friends, laughing, dancing, shimmering with joy, I miss the road palpably; like a lover. I miss adventures.

And yet I still dream vividly (and, my drawings and journals show, have done so since before I reached double digits) of having a small space of my own, all whitewashed plaster and smooth honeywarm wood and trailing fragrant greenness, lit with candles and smiles. And that could be an adventure.

And, for that matter, I'm excited about the various ways I am working to better myself, shaping my life into one more befitting the rock star super hero that The Muse tells me I should never pretend not to be. And that's a hell of an adventure.

So yeah. I'd still like to make this mostly a travel-adventure blog (or a preparing-for-travel-adventures blog), but there's also enormous value in seeing, and writing about, the small components of each day as an adventure. And since this little island of the internet is my own world that I can speak into being exactly as I please, that's exactly what it's going to be. Because...

adventure is out there!

(image credit Rogie)

And in here. And wherever you choose to find it.